Pedicabs are bicycle taxis people use to move around town. People love them not only because they're enjoyable to be in, but also for the fact that they're a "green" mode of transport. And as they become more popular, a lot of brands continue to use them for san diego convention center sponsorship purposes, having already seen their immense potential. Pedicabs are a wonderful outdoor advertising medium for several reasons. Let's take at look at why they can be of great benefit in marketing campaign:

Lower advertising costs

It's generally cheaper to advertise on rickshaws than on traditional media, including TV, radio and magazines. When you consider the amount of people your ad will be exposed to, the value can pay off many times over. Many local businesses are using rickshaws to market their products or services at an affordable rate and are reaping the rewards. But this form of marketing is not just limited to small businesses; larger companies such as HBO also use them to increase brand awareness among locals. Online businesses can also make use of rickshaws as an advertising medium to supplement their online marketing campaigns.

Greater brand exposure

Your brand will be visible to as many people as possible in a given hour, as pedicabs are a mobile form of advertising. As the drive passes through different places, a lot of people get to see the advertising or branding on the back, and they'll have enough time to make sense of the message. you can be sure that there'll be great visibility because the rickshaw will pass close to the foot traffic. And the more miles the driver can cover in a day, the greater the visibility for your brand.In a town like San Diego where a lot of people troop into town for various conventions all year round, pedicab advertising can be a great sponsorship opportunity for your business. Be sure to visit this website at and know more about advertising.

Great for distributing samples

What better way to have samples of your products and marketing materials distributed than using pedicabs? These three-wheeled bicycles will nicely double up as a distribution vehicle when you want to give away product samples to potential customers. If you just want to pass around your brochures and pamphlets, you can be sure that they'll be distributed to many people as the rickshaw can cloak many miles in a day.

Pedicabs provide "green" transportation

When you consider that pedicabs are very much a "green" or eco-friendly mode of transport, there is hardly a reason not to like them. So every time you advertise with a pedicab company, you are in a way promoting a clean, sustainable mode of transport. People who like to get around town are likely to create a positive association with your company when they look at the branding on the Comic-con.